The Importance of Kitchen and Bath Sales and Marketing Strategy

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Why Should Kitchen and Bath Businesses Use Internet Sales and Marketing Strategy

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Importance of a good digital strategy

Sales and marketing strategy is a pillar of every serious business plan. A major part of any business strategy in 2018. should be a solid digital marketing strategy. As any strategy, characterized by an action plan designed to achieve a long-term goal, a digital marketing strategy plan is a bulleted list of activities with predictable and desired results.

Sales and marketing strategy is an essential parts of a successful business plan
A successful business plan includes sales and marketing strategy

Although this constitutes sales and marketing strategy lessons 101, you don’t need access to the campus library to acquire the knowledge. You can easily look this up, or – research it. You can do what most people do nowadays: “GOOGLE IT!”. It is by far the easiest way to get information (given that internet connection is on its way to the list of things described as “human rights”). And eventually, you do trust the search engines’ results, why shouldn’t you? They are, after all, designed and updated 24/7 for your convenience, securing the accuracy of the results, making them genuine and relevant, fake-proof. Becoming and staying relevant online for a business is nothing less than a necessity and hard work. You, surely, agree on how investing in such work in the era of the new technologies fast-tracking, is not only smart but more than obviously recommendable. Let’s face it – a good digital strategy is a valuable asset, one you won’t be perceived as a serious business without. One you can’t afford not to have.

Why you should hire Persist Digital Agency

So, we agreed that your kitchen and bath sales and marketing strategy needs a solid, sustainable, cutting-edge digital strategy, one that can only be architected by professionals. Even if the focus on your kitchen business plan and business online strategy comes from the inside, it probably still needs “a push” from time to time, to stay hip and relevant. The application of the new technologies awaits for no one. That is what a digital agency does for your business: makes you become and stay relevant and competitive, tech-savvy and appealing, approachable, easy to find, and even easier to love. Well, at least a good one does. We successfully practice the kitchen and bath online marketing for 5 years now, mastering this expertise on many levels. For us, your kitchen and bath digital strategy is not just a process. We consider it a journey, one that takes us on the road which final destination is partnering success aka driving sales from your online presence. Creating a solid business plan for kitchen company is one of the most important steps on this journey.

Skillful team is what makes it all happen
Behind every good result, there is a strong and skillful team

Knowing how to dance to the rhythm of the search engine’s tune and how to create kitchen business plan is our free master class with notes your kitchen and bath digital strategy will waltz to, to the moon and back. We are allowed to brag about it. We know how. 🙂
I will guide you through a simple assessing game plan, one that will easily reveal your kitchen and bath sales and marketing strategy pain points. Or, it will simply make you realize you don’t have a lucrative, long-term digital strategy. And why kitchen and bath? Bare with me.

9 Things You Must Consider When Planning Your Kitchen and Bath Online Marketing Strategy

8 questions distinguishing your sales and marketing strategy right from wrong1. Are you using the right ways to promote your business?

Whether your kitchen and bath business is working for some time or you just recently decided to put your sales and marketing strategy expertise into this niche, there are certain expectations involved. The results should be visible, as should your company’s name undoubtedly be associated with the search terms “kitchen and bath business”. If neither is the case, you are doing something wrong. Mind you, it is still a long way from having (or starting) a business to actually profiting from it (you know it better than we do). If you are not investing in the right promotion along that road, you are only hurting your enterprise in the long run. Not to mention wasting time and money.

How We Use Organic SEO and PPC services

So, what is the right way to promote kitchen and bath business and your sales and marketing strategy? Let’s start from organic, here. It means all natural. Like a plant. We plant your kitchen and bath business seed in the search engine’s soil. We nurture it over time, helping it grow, expand, and adapt. That leads us to the phrase “long-term investment”. The right way to promote your kitchen and bath business online is to invest in smart rankings that resemble researcher’s desires. This course of actions is sometimes (I dare to say often) neglected by the implementation of pricey online campaigns that burn your budget bringing you temporary results. Why? Because they are easy to set up. But the attention these quick fixes generate only lasts as long as you put money in the meter. Try stopping and you will see an instant decrement in traffic. Organic also means that the relevant keywords are matching the user’s search terms. That obtains your presence in many and different searches. It keeps the main features and key points you solve stand out. This is, also, how you eventually turn these organic users into your loyal customers.

Planting SEO seeds is the major part of sales and marketing strategy
Good SEO is like planting

So, the best possible way for your kitchen and bath business sales and marketing strategy is to include a combination of organic SEO “gardening”, occasionally impregnated with awareness, special promotion, seasonal sale paid promotion to hit the perfect mix-and-match effect.

2. Do you have a business plan for your kitchen and bath showroom?

When building an online business marketing strategy, your foundation should be a solid business plan for kitchen company created just for your business. For example, if your focus is on selling more kitchen cabinets, you need to have a detailed kitchen cabinet business plan that will allow you to accomplish your goal. Any winning strategy for kitchen and bath remodeling companies will help to achieve business goals and to avoid usual traps everyone who run a kitchen company encounters.  If you need to deal with customers and vendors, as well as with your employees, you need a solid business plan for kitchen company.  Any kitchen design business plan or kitchen cabinet business plan needs to be supported by vital project management guidance. Your business plan for kitchen company needs to include human resources, financial controls, vendor selection, marketing, and branding. If your kitchen company or your kitchen and bath remodeling company offers residential and commercial installation, make sure to prepare a residential and commercial kitchen business plan that includes installation project planning, scheduling, and checklist, kitchen product expectations, and all relevant details concerning job site managing. Meanwhile, don’t forget that your business plan for kitchen cabinets and other products is a fluid document and needs to be adapted as your kitchen company grows and changes. As needed, go back to your business plan to make the necessary corrections, changes, and improvements.

How to Write Showroom Business Plan

Your showroom business plan should outline your goals and everything you want to achieve, as well as guidelines on how do you plan to do that. What do you want your showroom business to look like, what products you will sell, what is your marketing strategy going to look like — all of these are essential elements of any showroom business plan. However, if you have already started your business and you’re looking for ways to finance it, you will need a showroom business plan that is detailed in information on potential loans and sales projections and plans. When writing a showroom business plan, explain your business, its goals, describe the business structure. You should also describe who your customers are and what is your market like. Also, don’t forget to check on your competitors. Explain the products you’re going to sell, payment terms, shipping, delivery costs, potential credit from your vendors, and profit margin. Personnel needs are also an important item for any well-composed showroom business plan. Make sure to forecast the needs of your staff, plan the hiring and training processes.

How do we help?

Persist Digital helps kitchen companies with a business plan by providing planning, guidance, and implementation of marketing and branding processes, promoting your vendors and projects with our content management, social media, and local SEO services, and assisting you in acquiring more 5-star reviews for your service and your product selection with our reputation management service. Our extensive experience in kitchen and bath marketing for showrooms will help you avoid some common pitfalls many who run a kitchen and bath showroom meet.

3. Is your content driving traffic to your website?

So, we established that organic means giving people exactly what they are looking for. The content that is waiting for the user on your website must be responding to his/her desire and expectations. And do you know what an average kitchen and bath customer is searching for online? Well, we do. 🙂

We know how to write just the right content to educate your customers

And we have a way with words. This is where our expertise kicks in. Over 5M words written and carefully optimized to fit the desires of your regular kitchen and bath business search engine result pages visitor. Just like these lines. They got you here, right? 🙂

SEO optimization is a great skill used to secure relevance, online presence and search engine's trust
Carefully SEO writing is crucial for high performing content

4. Are your kitchen and bath solutions keeping your online business relevant?

Now to talk more about the niche sales and marketing strategy, the kitchen and bath digital strategy. We have collected enough experience to say that when done with care and proper knowledge, it gives back continuously. Why do you think that is? Well, for starters, every home, every house, has a kitchen and a bath, right? It would be wrong not to expect an adequately equal high number of businesses offering kitchen and bath services and solutions out there. Are they all using proper sales and marketing strategies? Not so much. On the contrary, there are more of them not doing it the right way, splashing money on instant results, not nurturing long-term SEO, etc. How do we know this? That’s easy – that’s our job.

How we make the search engines fall (and stay) in love with your kitchen and bath online presence

We are constantly feeding the search engines with genuine, meaningful, relevant high-performing content. Your services, products, offers are under our supervision and in-line with your sales and marketing strategy right down to the last letter. So, from one side, you are introduced as trustworthy and competent while being spotted on the radar of interested parties on the other side of the search engine. And we don’t just stop there – over the course of maintenance, we come back to review, re-optimize, and actualize your content, keeping it updated, and in the relevancy loop.
This stands for a love affair between your business and search engines, that we are proudly godfathering.

Sales and marketing strategy goals
Sales and marketing strategy plan for kitchen and bath business online

5. Are you out-thinking the competition?

This one is easy – who is copying who, that is the real question here? Are you the one leading the course of a smart digital strategy, implementing constant changes, applying the latest industry know-how, etc… In one word – investing in your business’s online stability, future relevance and overall long-term ROIs?

Here is how we run your kitchen and bath strategy to keep you in the finals

There are no unknowns to us in the field of kitchen and bath digital sales and marketing strategy. And if the competition is doing almost the same, we say – bring it on! We are the game. Healthy competition keeps the edge of our high performing content writing “feathers”. It is always welcome.

Keeping you in the finals
Healthy competition keeps the edge of our high performing content writing “feathers”

6. Are you giving customers info they want?

Is your address at the right place? Is your contact form easily accessible? Are all your products visible and categorized in a logical way, making it easy for the visitor to find? Is your service description doing justice to your actual service? Simply put, is your website underlining or underestimating all the benefits your kitchen and bath business provides? These are the basics of a solid business plan for kitchen company.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the best info on the best info.

We sprinkle some responsive design, local ratings, SEO content, and engaging information structure to create the magic results for your kitchen and bath online hub.
We do it with great dedication and attention to details. It’s the only way we know how. Because, let’s face it – if you are going to get out there, be the best at what you do, right?

Giving the customers the right info
Are you giving the customers what they expect, the way they expect it?

7. What are you doing to market your Kitchen and Bath business locally?

There is a saying “out of sight, out of mind” that can perfectly describe what happens to a business that neglects their local online presence. This oversight simply results in fewer sales.

Make sure to include a plan for local promotion of your kitchen business and include it in your business plan for kitchen company. To make sure people can find you, you need to ensure your contact information is easily found. Include it everywhere, from your website and your social media channels to videos, online business listings, business cards, print ads, etc. Create and claim your local business listings with Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, and any other industry relevant platform.

If you’re struggling or you would simply like to increase your chances for growth, take our advice on how to sell kitchens. Accelerate your local online presence and contact us to get a proper digital strategy.

We make sure you’re at the right spot on the radar

We know that there is approximately N number of people looking for kitchen and bath services in your area every day. So if we can get you closer to these people, you have a much greater opportunity to appear in N x (kitchen and bath related keywords) number of search results. In the long-term, this translates into a lasting relationship, one that leads to increasing of your overall ROI. That N number of people is also not a constant but varies over time. So, this is why we come back from time to time to refresh and update the content, to make sure you stay up to date with local search demand. And not only local, but that’s a different story; don’t mind if I leave it for one of my dear colleagues to address, in one of the future posts.

Always on the Google's radar is a must
You need to be constantly present, let the customers know you are genuine and relevant

8. Are you getting enough reviews?

Simply put – you yourself are an average everyday user of all kinds of different services. And be honest – in the end, you always have an opinion about it, whether good or bad. So wouldn’t you feel rather appreciated if that service provider asked about your impressions? Well, so do your customers and online visitors. Your online reputation is the breaking point of your potential customer’s decision: Should I go for this kitchen and bath business? Is this kitchen and bath business doing a proper job? After all, admit you check the reviews, too, before engaging with the unknown business or service for the first time, right?

We nurture your online reputation

When properly taken care of, your online reputation will swing the customer your way. Don’t underestimate the power of a bad review. It is just as persuasive. So, for starters, don’t let the customer leave your store, showroom or online space without leaving you a comment, at least. It is the fundamentals of great customer service, showing you care about their opinion and value their feelings. We monitor your customers’ online reviews, report back, and alert if there are bad ones. Then we help you come up with the ideal response. And then you never have to worry about it again. The prospects reading that comment will be more confident because there is a human touch involved. That is what makes them decide to favor you as their choice. Reputation management is an essential element of any successful kitchen business plan.

Always ask the customer for review of your business
Showroom Marketing: Don’t let the customer leave your store, showroom or online space without leaving you a comment

9. Is your social media in line with your business strategy?

And not only that. Are you aware that almost 60% of the traffic comes your way from social media platforms? Easy-peasy, right? There’s your chance to obtain an easy solution for your digital results. Wrong. This is a trap. When using social media for your traffic, you are at the mercy of the platform in question. If Facebook decides to cut down organic views, you will have to pay more. If Twitter suddenly feels like rearranging its algorithm, how do you get to be seen? And, if Pinterest removes affiliate links, how will you ever replace all the traffic?

We are fine-tuning the voice of your social media profiles to the pitch of your sales and marketing tone.

When auditing sites, we often see that the client is getting as much as up to 60 percent of their traffic from Facebook. A single referral source sending you millions of visitors is a marketing report dream come true. Or is it really? Think about it – most of the kitchen and bath sales and marketing strategies get the business to the social media hoping for a chance of better engagement.

Tuning social media presence
Your social media profiles need to tune up to the tone of your sales and marketing kitchen strategy

Make Your Cabinets Pricing and Ordering Process Easy

Do you have an established process for cabinets pricing and ordering? Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers and retailers don’t have a pricing and ordering system in place. According to our research, they mostly use Excel sheets, vendors’ ordering apps or 2020 Design software for pricing. However, there isn’t a streamlined process for kitchen cabinets pricing and ordering.

To maximize your sales, whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, ordering and pricing process should be as clear, simple, easy, and smooth as possible. You can have dozens and dozens of cabinet door styles, paint colors, stains, finishes, and features, but without a streamlined pricing and ordering process, you won’t be able to increase your sales and grow your kitchen business.

Create a detailed plan on how to sell cabinets by implementing KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software into your process. With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge about the kitchen industry, we created this innovative tool for both kitchen cabinet manufacturers and kitchen cabinet retailers and showrooms. Our Cabinet Estimating Software helps you create fast, accurate proposals to customers from the cabinet manufacturers you work with. The tool provides you with a readily available database of all cabinet brands prices, parts, and styles while multiple users can work together on proposals, follow up with customers and send promotional offers in exchange for photos and a review. Kitchen DEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software also allows you to compare prices by switching between different versions, styles & vendor collections. The tool will even show you the most affordable options.

How to sell cabinets with KitchenDEV Cabinet Estimating Software
How to sell cabinets with KitchenDEV Cabinet Estimating Software

If you use 2020 Design software, you can upload an already existing kitchen design plan directly from it and create proposals faster that way.

Try out our 30-day free trial which includes Fabuwood and Forevermark TSG vendors enabled. Sign up for a free trial today.

A Successful Online Sales and Marketing Strategy Example for Kitchen and Bath Business

Sales and marketing strategy success online example in the kitchen and bath industry is our dearest and oldest client: Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, from NJ. They are a large home improvement showroom that offers kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, and quartz countertops to homeowners, contractors, and interior designers. So, your niche. 🙂
Sit back and grab the popcorn. Some real action takes place in this plot now!

This Sales and Marketing Strategy Story…

It all starts with a good idea
Having a good idea is only half of a good job

…Backdates to 5 years ago. The feelings of mutual trust and appreciation developed over an idea we had and a chance they decided to give us. Of course, nobody knew the end result, or how long it would take us to get there. The fact that we both decided to take this leap of faith spelled adventure, one that only brought us closer together. And it results in the best possible way – success for Aqua Kitchen and Bath. So a success for us, too. By fast identification of problems, followed by on-page SEO , pursued by extensive competitor research, superseded by content optimization, and link building, we implemented a successful example of sales and marketing strategy business plan for kitchen and bath business online:

1. We made their online promotion worthwhile:

Close to 300 targeted visitors per day and nearly 20.000 pageviews, with 10% of returning visitors – totaling almost 11K total visitors per month.

2. The traffic shortly hit the new highs:

The traffic tripled in the first 4 months. From January to April 2018 we managed to increase visitors from 100~ per day to close to 300 visitors a day. This now leads close to 11.000 visitors a month and increasing.
Valuable and relevant link-building work that resulted in higher traffic every month.

3. Aqua Kitchen and Bath solutions soon started to match the desired KW searches:

New and high performing SEO content every month;
More than 3.600 keywords in first 100 results on Google, making Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center a business of choice for the new and existing customers.

4. Comparing to the competition:

Their results rapidly outranked the relevant adversaries.

5. And, about our client’s results locally:

By applying and maintaining accurate citations and link building, engaging potential customers on forums, blogs, and other highly relevant websites – we improve Aqua’s rankings in the local area and Google maps; the business signals trust, enabling customers to find them easily.

6. As far as Aqua’s reputation’s figures go:

The use of the professional tool to request, track and manage reviews standing, all displayed with a dedicated review showcase page. For example, we have collected 100 reviews.

7. Social media soon became the direct contact and info point for the existing and new customers:

Active social media promotions and social media followers increased.
(I did this by numbers on purpose – so that it would be easier for you to connect the dots with the assessment game plan above, that I am sure you are already deep in.)

What we know by now is that Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is full speed ahead with their future plans and goals. We are here to maintain their solid sales and marketing strategy for online presence. And we enjoy every step of the way – the better they get, the more we feel accomplished.


Sales and marketing strategy for kitchen and bath business…

…is a long-term investment. Carried out thoughtfully, it will bring you the ultimate achievement that will drive sales from your online presence.
The most important lesson we learned from over 5 years of taking care of kitchen and bath sales and marketing online strategy is that the key is in diversification. Each platform has a different ROI potential. Organic is more important in the long run. However, an organic & paid combo can really launch your kitchen and bath sales and marketing strategy results in the orbit, making you a star, driving sales from your online presence. So when you’re planning your kitchen and bath business sales and marketing strategy, make sure to include both. Contact us for help because we know it is not the least bit easy, and we’ve done it so many times before. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be stuck with an immense bill for online promotion giving your sales and marketing budget heavy blows that’s already been left empty because there was little or no ROI.

Growing results
We love our job, it grows results.

Persist Digital Agency will get your kitchen and bath business out there, creating and maintaining a relevant and trustworthy presence. We will work your way up the search engines results, speak the tone of your voice on social media platforms, and drive visitors right to the doorsteps of your kitchen and bath store, showroom, warehouse, etc. In other words – right where you want them. Then you take over, and the sales happen.

Sounds interesting? Even promising, right? Give us a call! We would love to give your business a free estimate and share our thoughts on the course of your sales and marketing digital presence.

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