We are the Persistent ones
“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.”

Persist Digital Team

Eric E. Yildiz
Founder and CEO

Eric is an accomplished software engineer and marketer, a dedicated father and an inspired musician. His 19-year career consulting businesses in various industries has taught him many lessons, but most of all the importance of balance.

Persist Digital Team

Nikola Milićević
Development & Customer Support

Nikola is our software developer whose work is amazing and indescribable. Mostly because we don’t know what it is, but we’re very glad he’s on the team. For sure. Jokes aside, he created our amazing agency app and even better KitchenDEV software from scratch! Can you believe this is his first project?! We can’t. He must be a time traveler.

Persist Digital Team - Queen of Social Media

Nevena Stojanović
Social Media Strategist

An absolute queen of social media who can light up your day in a heartbeat, Nevena leads day-to-day execution of social postings and strategy recommendations for our clients. She captures the core of your company and communicates it with style.

Persist Digital Team

Dušan Voštinić
PPC Strategist

The only thing you can hear coming from Dušan are clicks. Our quiet team-mate is an expert at PPC and will definitely get you those conversions, but just try getting a word out of him. I dare you.

p.s. He’s so much cooler offline.

Persist Digital Team

Nebojša Milićević
SEO Strategist

The one with all the answers, no need to Google. Just ask Nebojsa. He’s got the skills to put your website in front of the right people. Using the latest SEO tactics, he can create some real digital magic. Fair warning, he will take your Snickers.

Persist Digital Team

Ana Arsić

Our very own talented girl who codes, Ana is the perfect minion…Err, we mean team-mate. She is constantly learning, improving her skills and adding wonderful spirit and value to our company. Ana has been precious in assisting with the development of our software and we’re so proud of all the work she’s done!

Persist Digital Team

Sandra Đurić-Milinov
Content Strategist

Eric’s right hand and the company’s superwoman is Sandra, our internet marketing specialist/copywriter/chief heart officer and so much more. Her writing will delight any audience and her reading lists, well, don’t bother. You won’t catch up.

Persist Digital Team

Aleksandar Pejčić
Web Design

Aleksandar is our designer who perfectly intertwines the visual with written content for the best UX. Always looking for new ways to express his creativity, he will take on any project. He also loves to surprise everyone with a special, customized virtual birthday card. They are so cute!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an Ocean.”